B2b zone


Learn how your company can proposer from the growing number of collaborations by; joining interactive panel discussions, attending one to one meetings with the experts, finding new business contacts at the B2B Zone, meeting companies already collaborating at our showcase, and participating in informal networking events throughout the convention.


With hundreds of businesses under one roof, all with a keen interest in UK – India commerce, this is a unique opportunity for you to meet potential customers, suppliers and partners. Take the opportunity to pre-book one to one meetings and meet at the B2B Zone.

Showcase Exhibition

At the heart of the convention will be our showcase exhibition, where UK and Indian corporates will showcase the collaborations that are already turning the UK and India into “An Unbeatable Combination”.


Unique opportunities throughout the day to meet with other UK and Indian businesses succeeding in India to exchange ideas, share tips and make new business contacts.

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