Richard Rekhy


Richard Rekhy is the Chief Executive Officer of KPMG in India. He is also a member of the Global Board KPMG International, the EMA Board, the EMA Growth Executive and the High Growth Steering Group.


Richard has over 30 years of multi sectoral leadership expertise as a Partner at Arthur Andersen and Ratan S. Mama & Co. Since joining KPMG in India in 2004, Richard has spearheaded the Firm in various capacities. In October 2012, Richard was appointed as Chief Executive Officer, KPMG in India. His multi layered experience is founded on detailed understanding of corporate governance, enterprise risk management, internal controls and business processes, across multiple domains.

Richard is affiliated with leading business enterprises, domestic and worldwide. He is also an active member of various Industry associations and trade bodies. He is part of the UK-India Financial Partnership, formed to strengthen the financial links between the two countries.

He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, National Executive Committee of CII for Corporate Governance, National Council of CII and the prestigious American Chambers of Commerce (AMCHAM). Richard is a Board member of the AIISEC, and Co-Chairman, CII NR Special Task Force on Manufacturing & Make in India. April 2015, Richard has been elected as the Vice Chair of the National Executive Board of AMCHAM and the current Chairman of Enactus India, a non-profit organization focused on driving youth leadership.

An eloquent and powerful orator, Richard has travelled extensively across the globe, and is renowned for his thought leadership on corporate governance/risk management, leadership and the economy, across various public platforms.